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Looking like an orange-coloured tomato but honey-sweet, mild and autumnally cosy, First Fresh persimmons have cooking potential in spades. Our persimmon recipes take advantage of this autumn fruit in myriad ways.

  • Chai Spiced Persimmon Smoothie

    • Serves 2-3
    View Recipe
  • Persimmon Bruschetta

    • Serves 2
    • Time 10-15mins
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  • Persimmon Haloumi Salad with Jazz Apple Slices

    • Serves 4
    • Time 15mins
    View Recipe
  • Persimmon, Feta and Rocket Salad

    • Serves 6
    • Time 10mins
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  • Tik Tok Persimmon Pasta

    • Serves 4
    • Time 35mins
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  • Barley, Persimmon & Maple Walnut Autumn Salad

    • Serves 3
    • Time 140mins
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  • Gooey Baked Persimmons

    • Serves 5-6 Topping Portions
    • Time 40mins
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